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Applying for Certification with the Uniform Certification Agency, a division of the Mid-South Minority Business Council Continuum, is a streamlined online process described below. The turnaround time for processing an application is approximately 60-90 days. The processing time frame does not begin until all required documentation has been received

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Please read before starting this online application process

An applicant may apply for up to 4 certifications at one time: MBE or WBE, LSB, SBE, and DBE.
  1. Completing the online Certification application. The certification process starts with the online application. Once you have registered on the platform and created a username and password for your company, you may begin working on completing the application. Your information will be saved for your next session and is completely confidential, private, and secure. Once an application is started, it must be completed in 90 days.
  2. Usernames/Passwords. Your username and password are for your company only, and your information is saved for the next time you log in and is completely confidential.
  3. Documentation. Additional information may be required during the processing period.
  4. Questions. Please answer all questions as completely as possible; if a particular question does not apply to your business operation, write or select (NA). When necessary, submit documentation and reference the question by the appropriate number. At the top of each additional documentation page, please state the company name, date, and question number.
  5. Site visit. By applying for certification, the applicant also agrees to participate in a site visit with the majority owner(s) present.
  6. DBE Certification. Applicants seeking Disadvantaged Business status must complete a separate DBE application and/or provide a copy of their valid certificates.
  7. U.S. Mail or Delivery. Applicants must upload or send the requested documentation via mail. Certification requires specific documents to complete the process. The documentation must be sent to UCA, P.O. Box 3060 Memphis, TN 38173, or delivered in person to 200 Jefferson Ave, Suite 1000, Memphis, TN 38103. Documentation that does not require an original or notary's seal may be faxed to (901) 525-5205.
  8. Regulations. The Uniform Certification Agency has adopted the 49 CFR Part 26 as a standard operating procedure for M/WBE certifications. The operating procedures for the SBE and LSB applications are set by the City of Memphis Equal Business Ordinance and the Memphis Light Gas & Water Supply Diversity offices, respectively.
  9. Guidelines. Certification may be terminated at any time for good cause by the certifying agency per the guidelines established by the Uniform Certification Agency.
  10. Declaration. All statements made in the application must be true and accurate, and the applicant agrees to immediately notify the certification agency of all facts and changes of facts that would result in a failure to satisfy the requirements for certification.