Terms of Use

The Uniform Certification Agency operated by the MMBC Continuum, nor any of its affiliates, service providers, licensors, or affiliates of its licensors or service providers warrant that the hardware, software, use of, or service of, this application is free from error or will function without interruption. They make no representation or warranty that certification and appearance in the directory will attract a minimum number of customers or that a minimum number of transactions will occur. They also make no representations or warranties regarding content supplied by third parties as well as any links to the application. It is possible that accurate information will be corrupted by the presence of errors in software, viruses or other causes. UCA, The MMBC Continuum, its licensors and service providers will not be responsible for such corruption or any transaction completed on the basis of corrupted information.

Subject to any limitations under applicable law, The MMBC Continuum, the Uniform Certification Agency, and, its licensors, affiliates and service providers make no warranties either expressed, statutory, implied, oral, written or otherwise including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose with respect to products and services covered or furnished under this agreement, arising from a course of performance, course of dealing, usage or trade or that any transaction flowing through or outside of the application relating to this agreement. The MMBC Continuum, The Uniform Certification Agency, and its licensors, affiliates and service providers make no warranties with respect to financial gain, deficit, or other purpose.

Authorized employees within the company on a need to know basis only may use any information collected from individual members. Under penalty of law, actions that are against privacy and confidentiality standards, any information concerning the membership directory and their records may not be passed to third parties.  We will not sell, share, or rent membership personal information to any third party for use for communication not related to the connection of agreed services and products. Company access may be terminated for users who are found to provide or post protected content without necessary rights and permission.